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About Maryam

Maryam Aljaderi has kurdish origin, was born in 1985 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has always been curious about man, something that often take expression in her art. Maryam got her breakthrough when she was spotted in media for her unpolished portraits of several swedish artists and musicians.


She has also painted for Spotify, TedX, Vero Moda, Mall of Scandinavia, Leva&Bo, Expressen, Photowall, Junique and more. In 2011 she was chosen as one of seven young talents in Seden by Microsoft Windows.

Maryam had several art exhibitions in Sweden and will continue to share her creative joy in her personal, unique paintings. Maryam is a self taught, self-willed artist who hungers for new challenges. 

Skärmavbild 2020-11-08 kl. 20.27.43.jpg

The art

Her passion for art came at an early age where she expressed herself with pencil and coal on paper.

Today she mainly paints with acrylic,  spray , and textile colors and she mainly portraits people to express her visions.

Maryams style can be described as a raw, colorful mix of pop art, urban art and streetart. Her pieces consists of powerful brushstrokes, contrasting details and expressive splashes of color. Many of Maryams artworks celebrate women and empowerment. You´ll find many fun, powerful and nostalgic elements in her work, superheroes among other things.

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